Why does your business need a Mobile App?

There’s many reasons why a small business should consider a Mobile App for their business. Below are just a few…

The World has gone MOBILE, be where your customers are…

Your customers are downloading 2.2 billion MOBILE Apps a month… and this number is rising every day! Mobile Apps are quickly taking the place of websites. This year (2013), people will be spending more time on their phones than on their personal pc. Searching for businesses like yours!

​In Oct 2012, Google announced that 50% of mobile searches were for local businesses.

Think about it; 50% is a massive number. Fully half of all search queries coming from smartphones have local intent. That translates into many billions of local searches from mobile devices in 2012 (well over 20 billion).

There’s a huge volume of local queries coming through apps, where mobile consumers spend roughly 80% of their time (Nielsen).

Your competition

It’s no longer a question of “why” should I get a App but “when”. More and more small businesses are recognizing their customers are mobile and if your business isn’t addressing the Mobile market, your competitors are.


There are well over a billion mobile devices in the world today. Nielsen predicts there will be more mobile devices than people in less than 4 years. You have the opportunity now to give your customers a valuable experience and expose your business to millions more. All for a low price.


We make it affordable for small businesses to get a Mobile App. Gone are the days where only fortune 500 companies could afford it. With Gogetapps, your business Mobile App can be in the App stores for less than 80 bucks a month.

It’s all about Social

Today’s consumers are connected like never before with Social Media giants Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and youtube. Having a Mobile App with us connects your business with these outlets so your customers can tell all their friends about your business or their experience. That’s how the word “viral” came about. We’ve integrated the major Social Media businesses within your App.


As small business owners, seeing your ROI is extremely important. With a Mobile App you can offer coupons and discounts. Clients can schedule appointments or get direct information. Many businesses offer discounts and specials on their “slowest days”, increasing sales and tracking ROI instantly.

Advertising comparison

Trivia question: Where do people turn first when searching for local businesses? The Yellow pages? Radio? TV? Mail? Email? Brochure?….You guessed it, none of those options. It’s the Internet*. In fact, a whopping 97% of people search on the Internet for businesses. Mobile Apps and Mobile websites are now dominating the market.


Mobile App users are extremely loyal to businesses when they download your App. And as a business owner, that’s repeat business and possibly a dramatic increase in new business! One cool feature within our Mobile Apps is offering loyalty coupons to your customers. A win -win.


Your Mobile App is right on their phone! Instant branding and possibly seeing your App multiple times a day!


The New York Times stated that Mobile Marketing is the fastest growing industry in human history! More than the automobile or the Internet era! You can market your services directly through your Mobile App with features like “Push Notifications”, Events, Coupons/Discounts, Specials and your Social Media. See ROI above to grasp the full potential here.

It shows you’re a “cutting edge” and “cool” company!

Your customers are downloading almost 100 million Apps a day. They think it’s cool! And if they think its cool, well…you’ll look cool! A recent Comcast study showed 78% of consumers think highly of businesses that offer a Mobile App. The bottom line here is businesses need to recognize what consumers are doing and how they’re doing it.

Reach Customers Where They Are: On their phones…

Apps give your business visibility that extends beyond the Internet and literally into your customers pockets and purses. Your customers don’t need to log into their computers and search the Internet to find you. With an App, they’ll have all of your information – literally – in the palm of their hand.
These days, Apps are the “New Web Site,” accessible to consumers who are on the go and on their phones. Be where they ARE with your very own Mobile APP.​

​Apps from Gogetapps are one of the most feature-rich – and affordable – Mobile Apps on the market today. They include Push Notifications, QR Code Scanners, one-touch calling, GPS directions to your business, and much more.​

Our Apps are Beautiful, Affordable and create a tremendous amount value for your customers. They give you cutting-edge tools for keeping pace with your mobile customers in an increasingly competitive mobile market.