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Aboriginal Applications

We can add life to your mobile app idea. As simple as our app development is, it breaks down into just three phases: Design, Programming, and getting into all App Stores. Along with an efficient work ethics and breath taking designs, our teams are highly proficient and well-trained in developing various genres of apps for a wide range of devices including iOS, android, blackberry and windows.

iOS Development

The mobile application market has always focused on iOS development. The skilled and proficient experts with us have already created a wide range of iPhone & iPad apps. Our indigenous iOS apps have been featured by Apple and have been able to fetch millions of views along with acquiring positive critical acclamation.

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Android Development

Android app development has accounted for a great deal of participation by our experts and hence has been growing massively for a few years. Our clans of expert engineers have been able to brainstorm in order to generate the latest android technologies over the years for both tablets and smart-phones.

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BlackBerry Development

BlackBerry devices, including the Play-Book and the smart-phones have sustained a sturdy and powerful existence within the mobile marketplace. Our panel of expert engineers has been able to design aboriginal applications for blackberry being an RIM preferred app developer ever since the inception of the app world. Effective implementation of native applications for consumer or enterprise is the major result of the sincere work of our engineers who carry the capability to integrate an outline that can be operated on most blackberry devices.

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Windows Development

Windows Phone the new and novel generation of mobile operating software has been marked by Microsoft’s distinguishably fast and effective substitute for iOS and Android interface. This has been achieved only through the renovated face and archetype of the futuristic smart-phones. GoGetApps, maintains years of skill and know-how in windows phone application development with .Net Compact Framework development and also merging of cloud and third party services.

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Game Development

GoGetApps.ca is highly effective in providing user interactive and well- designed games and mobile applications. Now-a-days, smart phones include a wide range of games which can be played easily by any age group. Our Canadian-based company has a futuristic approach in the case of mobile games, as more the innovation, more interesting will the gamers find the application. The team of engineers at GoGetApps.ca ensures that the apps are highly responsive and user-friendly. Also, the team ensures that the gaming applications are well distributed in different app stores for availability.

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Educational Apps

The mobile apps developed by the creative team of engineers at GoGetApps.ca, are highly interesting but at the same time are also educational. Through the medium of such games, users are able to gain a lot of skill and knowledge about the theme of the application and at the same time, are offered with a range of highly lucrative development service. In the case of educational apps, a handful of services are available which include pedagogy, contents development, design and arts for learning applications and educational games.

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As an efficient app development company, Gogetapps.ca provides solutions and multi-platform development across a wide range of OS platforms. Enormous brands and imminent startups have chosen Gogetapps.ca to partner with them in mobile app development making us one of the leading mobile application development companies in Canada.