With the evolution of mobile phones and other devices, the whole world has developed an obsession of the number of uses and operations that can be carried out on a single mobile device. Every smart phone/smart device is however, useless without the presence of interactive and beneficial mobile applications. Just as the aspect of web design and development has been growing, in the similar way, mobile application design and development has, as a matter of fact, grown vividly into an important field of consideration.

In fact, it has been observed that similar tools are now implemented for the design of both web and mobile applications. At times, there are a few significant problems that are linked with the web design that include the size of the screen, the various fundamentals that have been implemented to bring it to the notice of the user regarding the utility of the mobile app.

Once the theme of the mobile app design has been figure out, there are a few key points that have to be kept in mind to ensure that the mobile app is worthy of use and performance. However, usually the competence of creating profits in a trade by the mobile application is startling, just because the mobile web applications are void of gimmicks. The success of the web application depends on its requirement, its efficacy, easy implementation, easy navigation and comprehensiveness. Next to this comes, the branding and utility aspects. The design of the mobile application is made in such a way that the role and the work of the brand are promoted in the best way possible. Along with that, it is also necessary to stick to the prime concern of providing effective functions and utility. Finally, it is the user who has to run the app. Hence, it must be user-interactive and must generate the results that the user expects. A mobile app must also contain an impressive account of content that should be to the point and accurate. No visitor of a website wishes to read lengthy descriptions and be audience to the lengthy sales pitching.

After considering all these key points, an original archetype is created that is ready to be programmed and promoted.