Own Development Team

A Step Ahead From Archaic Outsourcing

GoGetApps.ca proffers complete service for outsourcing in mobile app development. With a reputable profile in production of terrific solutions along with the support from the most proficient teams working as your engineering extension, GoGetApps.ca has delivered outstanding solutions and prized applications for a huge number of patrons. Right from drafting the concept to effectively developing the application, our team leverages mature and lean methodologies to lessen our clients’ peril and step up time to market.

Uninterrupted Cloud Engineering Services & Backup

Continuous and UCE services along with a totally dedicated work hours uptime, 5 working days in a week and 8 hours per day, with resources backup, infrastructure support and litheness to extend working hours or working shifts at a much affordable cost of more than half of your in-house team in total.

Highly Proficient Team of Experts

With GoGetApps, all you need to do is let us know just the requirements and we shall provide you with the best of results through an efficient team that works extremely hard to meet your expectations and engineering challenges. With no botheration or aggravation of team selection, project or product management, we convert your requirements into a fully equipped set of solutions.

You can deal with our experts over and over again to make them fully aware of the quality you require, internally and externally. Our adjustment to the set norms of closed-loop, data-driver methods makes the growth much obvious and ensures a positive result each time.

Symbiotic Growth

In order to meet up the expectations mark of our clients, GoGetApps.ca provides for the most relevant and appropriate strategies for acquisition, sustainability and expansion. To be able to catch up with the trending change is one of the most important points.

Engineering Labs:

GoGetApps.ca headquarters is based in Toronto, Ontario with offshore labs built in with total engineering structural design and infrastructure. We provide a nearshore point of contact for efficient collaboration, our guidance will ensure that this team will be the best team you will ever manage.

Outsourcing Plans

Attain the professionals that suit the constitution and working of your organization and function in accordance with your requirements. Our experts possess the ability to develop and adjust as per your company requirements.
GoGetApps.ca will provide its highly trained dedicated resources/team directly manageable and reportable to you on fixed per month cost (per seat basis). All that you need to do is manage the resource selection, assess the cost per team, quality and productivity and allocation of work priority.
GoGetApps.ca will hire the team on behalf of your company and will offer them placement, administration, logistic and training on fixed per months cost while your company will be directly responsible for their monthly salary, pay raise, additional benefit and perquisite of its resources.
GoGetApps.ca provides a strict time and cost ballpark figure for your product and dedicate a team for its development. We will be accountable for the deliverance of product within the given time or cost.

GoGetApps.ca Proffers:

  • Up-To-Date Workplace
  • Best Administrative Teams
  • Proficient engineers
  • Optimized Results
  • Excellent Training
  • Logistics Management

There are a number of engineering teams available that deal in:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Product & Project Management
  • Mobile Games (2D)
  • Graphics & Illustrations (2D)
  • Quality Assurance