If you have been using a smartphone or tablet and have downloaded apps, most likely you have known what push notifications are. You might have received a notification every now and then about an announcement of updates from, an invitation to check the latest, or a reminder about something from your apps perhaps. That is how geofencing works. A term that simply refers to a virtual fence around a predetermined geographical area. It sends push notifications to you once you have established your perimeter and linked it on mobile apps if a person entered or exited the said fence.

Here are some benefits of this new technology that can help your businesses gain more customers and retain existing ones..

1. Sending reminders

 If a person has already downloaded the app from his or her favorite pastry shop, and that same person entered the geofenced area that has been set up by the shop, then most likely he or she will receive a reminder that there is his or her freshly baked favorites such as croissants or french breads available in the shop. Loyal customers would love the reminders especially if that is a product or service that they have wanted or craved for. In your case too, that signifies no extra effort of giving leaflets or advertisements of the usual products you have been selling and its availability.

2. Initiating invitations

For example, a restaurant would like to announce of its promotions about lunch or dinner buffet, perhaps. This restaurant can set its geofence limit to possibly four blocks away to send invitations to people who are near the vicinity to visit the place. This could benefit the business because some people might just prefer to dine in on their usual menus while some could take advantage of the buffet treat available.

 3. Announcing updates and latest news

This could help in announcing some updates for your business, as well. Let’s take into consideration a real estate agency that wanted to give some updates on their open houses’ schedules. They could establish a geofence for it and when a potential buyer comes within the geofenced area they will be informed about the open house in the area.

Another good thing about this geofencing is your freedom of setting the distance however you like. You can just extend it two blocks away from your business or include the whole boulevard; it’s entirely up to you. Not to mention, it doesn’t require your business to be in the center of the fence.