According to statistics of 2013, around 80% of our time is spent on mobile applications. That’s not a surprise because we can’t leave our phones behind whenever we go somewhere. Smartphones have become a necessity of our daily lives. Hence we can conclude that mobile applications have also become part of our lives as well. Mobile applications range from games, social to News and miscellaneous apps.

Mobile applications are also a great help in extending and creating a social link to your business. Globally spread your business through the Facebook app and keep in touch with your clients. There are many other applications which are thoroughly made for businesses. Analytical applications that will help you keep track of your data while other apps will take care of organization. Your overall productivity will be increased.

When applications don’t suit your taste or your business’ then another option you can take is to privately pay a developer to create an application specifically to your taste. Keep in mind that not all developers of mobile applications do their best when it comes to creating new software that will keep your data intact and at the same time please your eyes. Yes, trying as they will not everyone can satisfy your taste. Find the best of the best so the money you spend is spent well. Why go through all the trouble and pain to get a customized application when it is unpleasant to the eyes nor does it help much when it comes to work. Google out your options. Write down the developer names and companies and research them to an extent where you know where your money is going. Just because they are rumored to be the best does not make them the best. Check their previous works and their online reputation. Ask other users their experiences with the specific company or developers.

In the end, there will be a lot of competition between companies. Choose the best of the best by listing their pros and cons. Check the customer and developer/company relationship. Are they cooperating enough to take your opinions and make the applications exactly the way you want? Meet directly with your developer or the head of the project. Discuss thoroughly the way you want your application to programmed. Listing out what you want makes it easier for the developers to know where they are going with the application. Lastly keep in touch with the main developer to know how the progress is going or incase to clear our problems if any resurface. Time and patience will be needed through this process but the end result is worthwhile because now you have your perfect mobile application.

My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world.
Carrie Underwood