When we are in charge of a project or even a business our main focus is to be the best. To be the best we have to reduce costs, be the leader in our industry and bring something to market that makes your name shine. Now the above said is not hard to do but what do apps have to do with it? It is estimated that mobile apps will see an annual downloads of more than 102 billion in 2014. Fact remains that mobile applications are becoming more popular day by day.

Everyone has heard about Amazon. But how did they start? Amazon started as a small book store that would mail your books when purchased. As they developed they added a feature in which someone would go to their website and purchase whatever they wanted to scrolling through their endless catalogs. The main point of this story is that era’s change and those that are on top are the leaders in the next era.

Apps are used daily and each business should have them. Ray Pun of Adobe stated in an Interview ‘We found time spent in apps was about two and half times longer than mobile web.’ All the above shows the importance but the question remains as a business man why should I invest? Getting an app allows you to reach a wide variety of consumers. It allows communication and sharing in the office all while cutting costs. Apps allow you to market your products to viewers unaware of what you sell.

Being a business man you have to deal with problems after problems. Manage the productivity of your employees, hand out sensitive documents, breach a new client pool and that is just the first hours of being there. Now with an app you can send documents with a flash, communicate with specific employees or all of them and hold meeting via VOIP or video sharing. This handles the main in house problems. Have an app just for consumers in which they can file complaints, purchase new products, read blogs and interact or even get the latest news on upcoming products.

Having an app can make things a lot easier. Having a developing team that can tailor an app to your requirements is all you require. Don’t get left behind, be the future!